Auckland City Prospectus


Auckland City


International Events Prospectus




Art direction, design & typography

Auckland city rolls out the red carpet to the world’s premier events.

To host major sporting and cultural events such as the Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup brings enormous economic growth to a city. To attract these event brands to Auckland City a prospectus was commissioned to present Auckland as a unique destination, with robust infrastructure and past success in event management. To create the wow factor required, premium craft techniques featured throughout the large format document. This begins with the die-cut aluminium cover, then continues with the text on each page being punched from a block of metallic silver ink. Each full colour spread showcases a certain aspect of Auckland – from majestic landscapes to supporting infrastructure and local culture. Transparent pages printed with colour gradients (part of Auckland’s visual identity) are playfully interspaced throughout the document transformng full colour images into artistic tritone prints. The prospectus creates an outstanding first impression for Auckland to play host to any international event.

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