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Auckland celebrates it’s heritage with 150 events that enrich & entertain.

The Auckland Heritage Festival encourages people of all ages to celebrate, embrace and learn about Auckland city’s unique natural and cultural heritage. It is part of a long-term campaign to protect Auckland’s heritage assets that involves a programme of 150 exciting, diverse and interactive events. The theme of the 2009 festival was ‘living heritage’. Living heritage encompasses both natural and cultural heritage – it’s those items, sites and areas Aucklander’s interact with in their daily lives. Heritage isn’t frozen in the past – it informs today’s and tomorrow’s experiences. The festival’s hero image embodied the ‘living heritage’, theme, connecting with audiences on several metaphoric levels. The contemporary young woman of mixed cultural background becomes a conduit of past and present through the echoes of a native seashell while Auckland’s iconic Rangitoto Island places the scene. Typography was refreshed while ensuring brand consistency, then translated across print communications and advertising media.

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