Annual Report





Annual Report


New Zealand


Art Direction, design, typography

Metrowater delivers under pressure.

Metrowater was established in July 1997, with the goal of making Auckland City’s water and wastewater services more efficient, transparent and responsive
to customers and the community. “Whilst we report a year of considerable achievement in efficiency improvement; excellent cost control; steadily improving customer service; and delivery of the capital and maintenance programme – nevertheless Metrowater experienced the direct effects of the economic slowdown as the non residential sector usage of water and wastewater services steadily declined.” The chairman’s report indicated a year of achievement in the face of economic downturn and reduced demand. Hence, a clear and concise graphic layout was used to reaffirm confidence with stakeholders and inspire optimism for long-term future growth. The striking mix of colour and duotone imagery reinforces the tone of commercial reality with corporate responsibility, while drawing attention to the critical milestones achieved and the ongoing challenges faced.

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