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Venerdi. Better for your body.

When you work with a client that is so passionate about what they do, you quickly understand what drivers their brand. Venerdi is a NZ business with a holistic nutritional and organic heritage. All their products are handmade with quality ingredients with high nutritional benefits and values. Initially, developing new packaging for the Spelt and Gluten free bread ranges was required. Market research commissioned by Venerdi was used to develop an on pack communications strategy that set it apart from the rest of the bread category. The objective was to move the products away from realms of the “health food shopper” and into the minds of the new, mass consumer base. The new brand revitalisation and packaging design has definitely set Venerdi apart from it’s competitors and newly converted Venerdi customers continually find the local supermarket shelves running low of their personal favourites.

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